Nice 2 MINT U: Warm Digits. Q&A + 3 Songs + Pre-Order ‘Wireless World’ Indie Shops Only Limited Red Vinyl LP

Nice 2 MINT U: Warm Digits. Q&A + 3 Songs + Pre-Order ‘Wireless World’ Indie Shops Only Limited Red Vinyl LP

Nice 2 MINT U Warm Digits

Q&A with Warm Digits

Where is the name ‘Warm Digits’ from?

Lynne, Steve’s wife has this saying when her hands are cold. She says she has “cold digits”. We liked that saying but changed cold to warm. It reminded us of the buttons and dials on the analogue synths we play.

Where are you from?

We met and formed in Newcastle where we both lived. Andrew currently lives in New Mills but most people think of us as a Newcastle band.

Tell a bit about band members. When did you start making music together?

We both made laptop music in the early noughties. Steve releases music under the name Cathode and Andrew released stuff as The Matinee Orchestra. In that time we both got a bit frustrated with our performances live when using laptops. The band was a way to try and explore how we could use laptops in a more improvised way. The band originally played improvised sets, but as things have moved forward we have explored our songwriting side.

How much time did you work on ‘Wireless World’?

Difficult to say really. But the short answer is a long time really. We basically have loads of songs and ideas that we store and work on when we feel the time is right, so the oldest song on the record is prob 5 years old and the newest is six months old. The interesting thing about using computers is they kind of become like an archive of creative ideas. These then become an unforgettable memory. Creatively that is interesting, as there are ideas that we have that are really old and I think we would like to use them when the time is right for us.

Do you have any rituals before the show or maybe after?

Not really we are often too busy setting everything up as we do our own visuals and lighting.

What music do you like to listen / favourite artists or bands and influences?

We both love Boards of Canada, Broadcast, Kraftwerk, Harmonia, My Bloody Valentine, pretty much anything with wonky synths and noise guitar.

The last band/singer that you discovered, loved and in your opinion, people should listen to him/her/them

TVAM, Cavern of Anti-Matter, Weyes Blood. Municipal Dances by Karras on Trestle Records is a brill record and the Orielles. Mia La Metta who sings in Beards and on our new record is brilliant.

Tell a funny/sad/touching/motivating/whatever story from your life as a musician

Steve was in Orlando (band) – for a short time and Tim Chipping posted this after we played in London earlier this year:

“Tonight I went to see Asunder, a film with live music about the effects of World War I on the North East. I was principally there to see the genius that is Marjorie Keek (not her real name) who was performing in it. But there were already a few other connections as the text was written by my friend Bob. Stanley and my old pal and touring mate Marie Nixon was singing in it too.

Afterward, in the pub, I was telling Marjorie about the days of Orlando touring with Kenickie and she pointed at a man standing with his back to us and said, “And you used to be in a band with him.”

I didn’t know what she was talking about.

She said his name, it rang no bells. And if you’d played in a band with someone a name would ring a bell. Unless you were Mark E. Smith or Ashley Hutchings and then it’s understandable that not all past members would stick in the mind.

“Wasn’t he in that picture you sent me of your old band?” she persisted.

I had sent her a picture of my old band Shelley, the one that released a single on Sarah Records because it slightly resembled a photo she’d posted. Only in that moment, I didn’t remember I’d done that so was even more confused.

She accepted that she was wrong and I concluded that she was mad.

But as I went to leave the man approached me and said his name. And at that point, my memory located the missing file. He was Steve Jefferis who had indeed been the guitarist in Orlando Mk One and Shelley, alongside myself and Dickon Edwards. I’d not seen him since we recorded that single back in 1995 in a terrible studio in Camden.

He’s now in a band called Warm Digits who are doing really well and who performed on stage tonight.”

So that’s my coincidence.

Wireless World Indie Shops Only 180 Gram Red Vinyl LP / 180 Gram Black Vinyl LP

Release Info

Wireless World
Warm Digits
Memphis Industries
4 August 2017

Available Formats

  • Indie Shops Only Limited 180 Gram Red Vinyl LP
  • 180 Gram Black Vinyl LP


1. Two to Four Degrees
2. End Times (feat. Field Music)
3. Wireless World
4. Always On
5. Better Friction (feat. Mia La Metta)
6. Victims of Geology
7. Growth of Raindrops (feat. Sarah Cracknell)
8. Deluge and Delusion
9. Fracking Blackpool
10. The Rumble and the Tremor (feat. Devon Sproule)
11. Mute Ocean
12. Swallow the City

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