Nice 2 MINT U: Parcels. Q&A + Listen and Order Now ‘Hideout EP’ 12″ Vinyl

Nice 2 MINT U: Parcels. Q&A + Listen and Order Now ‘Hideout EP’ 12″ Vinyl

Nice 2 MINT U Parcels

Q&A with Parcels

Where is the name ‘Parcels’ from?

It came to us in two separate dreams, had by two separate members of the band. One was dreaming of Parsnips, the other, imagining his life as a Biologist, and the study of cells. After one of our weekly dream analysis meetings, the name Parcels was born.

Where are you from?

Byron Bay, Australia.

Tell a bit about the band members. How did you meet? When did you start making music together?

Fun fact number 1: Toto has a French father who has recently bought a small chapel in the South of France after vacating his homeland for decades.
Fun fact number 2: Noah can eat a whole packet of fusilli pasta in one go.
Fun fact number 3: Louie’s heritage comes from a deep line of Russian choir that one out.
Fun fact number 4: Jules falls asleep to the sound of aeroplanes every night.
Fun fact number 5: Pat uses books, not as a story telling medium, but likes simply to hold the book and daydream out the window of a moving vehicle.

How much time did you set aside to work on ‘Hideout EP’?

Approximately 2 years, all in all. From the beginning of the writing and the finishing off the recording.

You are about to start a tour, do you have any consuetudes/customs before the show or maybe after?

We certainly do, but we are slightly reserved about our pre-show psych up. If you want to experience it, you must somehow find your way into it.

What music do you like to listen / favourite artists or bands and influences?

We are influenced by everything and anything. There is a huge array of artists and genres that we listen to and bring into our own music, from the dusty voices of people like Ariel Pink to the rockers over at Megadeth, and the old groove kings of Chic. Muddled all together you can get something interesting.

The last band/singer that you discovered, loved and in your opinion, people should listen to him/her/them

Khruangbin. Instrumental surf funk, inspired by 60’s Thai music. Sound strange? It ain’t, amazing stuff.

Tell a funny/sad/touching/motivating/whatever story from your life as a musician

The time that we were booked to play at Jake Gyllenhaal’s house warming party. It’s good to know that support bands can be asked back for an encore. Even if you are opening for Slayer.

Hideout EP 12" Vinyl

Release Info

Hideout EP
27 January 2017

Available Format

  • 12″ Vinyl


1. Myenemy
2. Gamesofluck
3. Hideout
4. Older
5. Allaround

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