Nice 2 MINT U: RICH LIST. Q&A + Watch ‘Esha Ness’ + Pre-Order ‘Hold Your Forked Tongue’ Limited Signed Hand-Numbered White Vinyl LP

Nice 2 MINT U: RICH LIST. Q&A + Watch ‘Esha Ness’ + Pre-Order ‘Hold Your Forked Tongue’ Limited Signed Hand-Numbered White Vinyl LP



Where did the name come from?

We wrote a list of famous Richards, Attenborough, Ayoade, Little, Prior, Branson, the Third, Bucket. I can’t remember why, but it was exhaustive. That was the Richard List. And also because most of us are very poor it seemed a suitable title, and that is a largely serious answer.

Where are you from and how did you meet?

We are from Leicester, and we’ve known each other longer than any of us can accurately remember. Dan and Adam go way back. Adam and Gav go way back. We then randomly met together in a band called Minnaars and were produced occasionally by Jamie, and fast forward most of a decade and here we all still are. Both encouragingly and depressingly.

What music do you like to listen / favourite bands and influences

We listen to a lot of strongly 80s influenced stuff, due to age and the prevailing movie soundtrack fashions of our time. But our influences and favourites differ wildly.

The last band/singer that you discovered, loved and in your opinion, people should listen to him/her/them

Gallops. Or NZCA Lines. That’s the best communal answer we can give, we like both of those. Gallops are a welsh instrumental force of nature that we both enjoy and love on a musically and personal level. NZCA Lines are just great.

Tell a funny/sad/touching/motivating/whatever story from your life as a musician

We’re not emotionally mature enough to grade any of our experiences in terms of motivation or inspiration, but we did once share a dressing room with De La Soul and play football with Ellie Goulding in the same weekend once. And Yannis from Foals once told Adam something about his horoscope, Gavin was mistaken for him while basically stood next to him too. And Sam Manville fo Blakfish once invaded our stage wearing only his pants. I think we’ve also stolen the rider of a number of popular comedians. Adam once danced to Crystal Castles with Paul Smith from Maximo Park on the same night he told one of the Ting Tings that he didn’t much care for their music but they were lovely. We drink too much. I think our message is to believe in yourself and then drink, and just see what happens.

Hold Your Forked Tongue Limited Hand-Numbered Signed White Vinyl LP

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Hold Your Forked Tongue
9 August 2017

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  • Limited Edition Signed Hand-Numbered White Vinyl LP
  • Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Double CD
  • Signed CD

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