Nice 2 MINT U: Vök. Q&A + Watch Videos + Stream and Order Now the Debut ‘Figures’ Vinyl LP

Nice 2 MINT U: Vök. Q&A + Watch Videos + Stream and Order Now the Debut ‘Figures’ Vinyl LP

Nice 2 MINT U: Vök

Photos by Sigga Ella

Q&A with Einar & Margrét

Where did the name ‘Vök’ come from?

Andri came up with it. We had a few other ones in mind, but Vök seemed to fit the best to our music. It translates to “a hole in the ice”.

Where are you from?


When did you start making music and how much time it took from the start until the debut LP was ready?

Andri and Margrét met in 2010 and immediately became very close friends. They started the band in 2013. The album was written over the course of ca. 3 years. The recording process started last autumn and we finished mixing the album in December! So I would say the album took about 4 months if you don’t account for the actual songwriting…

What music do you like to listen / favorite bands and influences

Little Dragon, Massive Attack, Glass Animals, The Weeknd.

Last band/singer that you discovered, loved and in your opinion, people should listen to him/her/them

Two Feet. They are pretty new and hot!

Tell a funny/sad/touching/motivating/whatever story from your life as a musicians

The time Margrét got sick on tour and we had to cancel a couple of festivals. We never want to have to do that again 🙁 *fingers crossed*

Figure Vinyl LP

Release Info

Nettwerk Records
28 April 2017

Available Format

  • Vinyl LP


1. Breaking Bones
2. BTO
3. Figure
4. Polar
5. Floating
6. Don’t Let Me Go
7. Show Me
8. Crime
9. Lightning Storm
10. Hiding

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