Nice 2 MINT U: Laucan. Q&A + Watch Videos + Pre-Order Upcoming ‘FramesPerSecond’ Vinyl LP

Nice 2 MINT U: Laucan. Q&A + Watch Videos + Pre-Order Upcoming ‘FramesPerSecond’ Vinyl LP

Nice 2 MINT U: Laucan

Q&A with Laucan

Where did the name ‘Laucan’ come from?

Laucan was a word with no particular significance, I wanted to be able to build meaning around something which started out with none.

Where are you from?

I’m from the beautiful south of England! An historic flint walled town called Lewes, which I loved and explored every inch of.

When did you start making music as a ‘Laucan’ and how much time it took from the start until the debut LP was ready?

Laucan was an attempt at finding a use for songs which I had been writing over the course of a few years. It was a long process, it’s a weird kind of identity crisis working out if you’re a band or an artist or just a guy who writes songs.

What music do you like to listen / favorite bands and influences

I take influence from all sorts of music, it’s a challenge to try and create something which touches upon different influences which you might not expect to be compatible. The Mars Volta vs Andy Irvine?

Last band/singer that you discovered, loved and in your opinion, people should listen to him/her/them

Dr Razzu – Love Will Tear You Down
Adolescent – Mutter

Tell a funny/sad/touching/motivating/whatever story from your life as a musician

My band split up, my cat died, I accidentally sent 20+ text messages of lyrics from a glam-rock band to a promoter. good times.

FramesPerSecond Vinyl LP

Release Info

Sunday Best
21 July 2017

Available Format

  • Vinyl LP


1. Wait For The Impact
2. Up Tomorrow
3. I Want Out
4. Just Off The Old Kent Road
5. In Between
6. FramesPerSecond
7. You Give Way
8. Miss Mistiness
9. Symptom
10. The Tree (Came Down)

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Sunday Best


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