Nice 2 MINT U: ConnectieCuts. Q&A + Stream and Order ‘Fang Duna’ Limited to 500 Vinyl LP

Nice 2 MINT U: ConnectieCuts. Q&A + Stream and Order ‘Fang Duna’ Limited to 500 Vinyl LP

Nice 2 MINT U: ConnectieCuts

Q&A with Lasse & Jesper aka eLeMeN & ColorCowboy

Where did the name ‘ConnectieCuts’ come from?

We choose the name because we thought it sounded cool. No higher meaning here. The name is pronounced like the US state with an S in the end.

Where are you from?

Copenhagen, Denmark.

How did you met and started to make music as ConnectieCuts?

In 1999. We both studied as audio technicians in the city of Odense in Denmark and have since made music together in various projects. We started as ConnectieCuts in November 2014.

What music do you like to listen / favorite bands and influences

We listen to a lot of different music and a lot of bands and artists has inspired us. We can mention Beastie Boys, Mars Volta, Bruce Haack, The Kills, Jack White.

Last band/singer that you discovered, loved and in your opinion, people should listen to him/her/them

That would probably be Colin Benders and his Modular Jam sessions found on youtube. Unfortunately, he hasn´t released any of his electronic music yet, but he makes a lot of very long videos where he streams his music making process and lets people interact with him. It’s very cool, and there is a lot of inspiration to get from him, modular wise.

Tell a funny/sad/touching/motivating/whatever story from your life as musicians

During our many years of making music we have found that staying true to our own sound and ideas has brought us the highest satisfaction.

On some occasions, we have been straying too far away from the core of what we really like, in some attempt to either sound like something else or fitting into a specific genre.

Like when we started out ConnectieCuts, we made a couple of very generic house tracks, but we quickly found out that we did not like the sound and feel that we ended up with.

We did learn a lot though, so it wasn´t all for nothing, but staying true to what we think is right for us has always brought us the biggest satisfaction in the end.

That said, it is a lot harder to get your music out there when you don´t fit into a box. But that’s life right there right? 🙂

Fang Duna Limited to 500 Vinyl LP

Release Info

Fang Duna
Beamhole Interprize
31 March 2017

Available Format

  • Limited to 500 copies on Black 180 Gram Vinyl housed in a Gatefold Sleeve with 8 inter-dimensional Punch Out Windows® includes A1 Poster


1. Kapp
2. Draugr
3. Unglingr
4. Tundra
5. Eistu
6. Hundr Gangr
7. Verk
8. Umla

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Beamhole Interprize

Nice 2 MINT U: ConnectieCuts

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